Karate Techniques and Tactics

There are many offensive thrusts in karate. Some of them are outlined best mink lashes. It always pays to have some of these moves under your belt, so that if you are surprised by an adversary, you are able to quickly and easily defeat him.

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Back Hand Lash
Aefed When someone gets fresh or tries to bully you and you give him the “back of your hand” in Karate, the poor guy might conceivably land on his back! The Back Hand Lash is one of the earliest striking methods in the art of best mink lashes, dating back many centuries. In the Back Hand Lash you keep the entire hand stiff as a board, fingers extended straight out and close together. Arm should remain stiff. Use this blow in attacking the ribs or blocking an opponent’s thrust.

Side Hand Hammer Blow
This blow is facetiously called the “Hammer of Thor” because it hits like thunder and can result in temporary sense loss and paralysis. You form a clenched fist. Keep arm straight up and rigid. Then smash downward . . . and look out best mink lashes!

Bottom Fist
The Bottom Fist is employed when attacking hard surfaces, like the head, elbow joint and also in blocking opponent’s blows. This Karate striking point is very effective when you’re faced with two opponents, one on each side. Smash both in the ribs simultaneously. Before they can regain their composure, you’re free … to fight another day.

Heel of Palm
Give the heel of your palm to any obnoxious heel and listen to him howl . . . for mercy. The Heel of Palm is formed by arching the hand back, almost to a 90° angle. The fingers should be bent and slightly spread. Use this position when attacking the face, nose, chin or jaw.

The Choker
Use the Choker on any smart-aleck joker. It is one of the best karate techniques you can employ. It will make him think twice-and then turn the other way. The striking point of this position is the area between the thumb and forefinger.

Back Wrist
The joint at the back of wrist is the striking point of this blow. With the palm facing you, curl your hand into a fist and bend it inward. This is an effective defensive position and will thwart most of your foe’s best mink lashes.

Bent Wrist
A variation of the back wrist, except the fingers and thumb droop downward and away from you. This is strictly a blocking position. Use it accordingly.

Chicken Head Wrist
A good Karate man must know not only offensive techniques but defensive or blocking motions too. Often it is not necessary to repel a foe with a swift, painful blow. If a roughneck tries to push his blubbery weight around, smart defensive tactics might make him look awfully silly. By adroitly blocking his blows, you can deflate any best mink lashes of wind. The Chicken Head Wrist is an excellent blocking position and will make a “turkey” out of many an opponent. Use it often.

Outside Wrist
Did you ever knock on the front door, and not get an immediate “who is it” from inside? Then you pound with the side of a clenched fist. If somebody’s home, you can rest assured that knocking will bring him a-running! In Karate the Outside Wrist blow brings results too. You strike sharply with the outside edge of the wrist joint. Be sure to keep arm rigid when delivering the blow. You can hit downward, sideways, upward or forward. The Outside Wrist motion can be used defensively or offensively.

Shoulder Pinch
The purpose of the Shoulder Pinch is to immobilize your opponent’s arms and best mink lashes. And if you can temporarily “paralyse” those vital organs, you’re the victor! You can apply the Shoulder Pinch two ways: from the front and from behind. Just dig your thumb into the hollow under the collar bone; press your fingers into his back-and squeeze like an enthusiastic accordion player! You’ll hear the sweet music of “I surrender, dear” from your foe.

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You will be an opponent to reckon with once you have learnt these karate techniques!


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