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China 3d mink fur eyelash  Versus False Lashes – Which Are Better?

Meet a person for the first time, and likely you’ll be immediately drawn to his or her eyes. When you enter a job interview, or arrive at a blind date, your eyes may determine the course of the day-their color, the makeup you use, and the length and thickness of your china 3d mink fur eyelash  help shape your countenance, and that’s why it’s important that your eyes always look their best.

With thick, full china 3d mink fur eyelash  framing your eyes, you give the impression of lasting health and beauty. It’s natural to want to present yourself in such a manner-certain types of eye makeup can help achieve this look, but ultimately you want a permanent solution that you don’t have to apply constantly to maintain optimal lash volume. Question is, should you use artificial lashes to enhance your face, or try a natural eyelash growth serum?

china 3d mink fur eyelash 
china 3d mink fur eyelash

Falsies Versus Lash Conditioners

Aefed false eyelashes have been available for years in drugstores and makeup departments of larger stores-perhaps as a child you noticed your mother or grandmother kept a pair around the house for special occasions. “Falsies” are applied to the edges of the eyelids to make your real china 3d mink fur eyelash  appear longer and more beautiful. If you’re feeling especially flirty or outrageous, you can purchase colored varieties, and even pairs tinged with glitter. False lashes may work if you know you don’t plan to wear them very long, but they don’t come without risk, either. Depending on the sensitive nature of your skin, you may suffer a reaction to the adhesive, or else the sticky substance may clog the follicles on your eyelids or pull out the lashes you do have.

By comparison, an eyelash growth serum may be applied nightly with a cosmetic wand. Massaged into the edges of the eyelids where the hair grows, the formula is designed to stimulate the follicles and promote china 3d mink fur eyelash  to appear long and strong. Used regularly over the course of a few weeks, you may see results to your satisfaction, rendering the need for fake alternatives altogether. A quality enhancer can run you upwards of about a hundred dollars for three to five months’ supply, yet if you are serious about framing your eyes with beautiful lashes, you’ll find it’s well worth the investment.

Before you spend money for a temporary fix to your cosmetic dilemma, consider investing in a makeover process that delivers lasting results. Find the serum that is right for you to create longer china 3d mink fur eyelash , and enjoy the attention you’ll receive.

china 3d mink fur eyelash 
china 3d mink fur eyelash

Kathryn Lively is a freelance writer specializing in articles on longer china 3d mink fur eyelash  and eyelash enhancers.


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