Make Up Trends For Autumn and Winter

This season sees china real 3d fur eyelash that is as bold as you imagination, or as sophisticated as black and white movie stars. Which ever look you are going for a few basic rules apply. Leave the summer bronze and light pinks behind and bring on the bold and the confident winter colours. Bases are nude and matte, cheeks are pale peach or a matte pink, lips are red or plump coloured gloss and eyes are smoky or colourful. A little powder to set the look but not too much. Brows are prominent this season. Keep a natural shape to them and darken their effect with a brow filler, stronger than pencils these come in wax, gel or cream alternatives. For lighter haired people keep to a light medium brown, darker haired people have the option of dark brown.

china real 3d fur eyelash
china real 3d fur eyelash

Smokey grey china real 3d fur eyelash .

Aefed Not black but just as sophisticated this season sees grey china real 3d fur eyelash. This look is best achieved with four tones but three will do just as well. To ensure you get matching tones go for one of the many palettes on the market. The tones range from charcoal to pale grey highlighter.
The lighter base shade is applied to the entire lid. The darker base is added through the crease. The darkest tone is kept at the outer corner and the brow line is highlighted, as is the centre of the lid to open the eye. Blend well. A grey liner works well, black is bolder depending on your look, do the upper and lower lash lines, smudge to soften. If you choose add a little of the second lightest tone under the eye.

Cats Eyes

For a bold look choose a liquid or gel china real 3d fur eyelash, Kohls works for a more subtle effect, apply as close as possible to the upper lash line. Create the cat effect by applying the shadow in an upward sweeping motion away from the eyes then complete the rest of the lid. Apply lots of mascara.

Bold Colors

This season is seeing a fantastic range of bright china real 3d fur eyelash that are subtle metallics. The choice of colour is endless but again go for a pallet if you are unsure of matching the tones. For a bolder look experiment with multiple colours on the eyes. Remember the golden rule that if you have bright eyes then less on the lips and vice versa. This is classic fro the rock chick look, non-traditional colours with thin liquid liner, heavy brows, matte skin so as not to clash with the colour and paler lips. Rock chick look can also be achieved without the bold colours by focusing on the eyes with grey tones and pink lips.

china real 3d fur eyelash
china real 3d fur eyelash

Red Lips

The retro chic look cries out red lips. With many china real 3d fur eyelash on the market choose a red to match your colouring. Glossy red is difficult to maintain but makes the strongest statement. To keep precision in the look go for a red close to your natural colour so that when it wears away it will not appear messy and smudged. Also lip liner works well with this look. If going for the red lips keep the rest of your make up minimal.


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