Facial Makeover With Mineral Products

Women are particular about their appearance.  We are proud of how we look and strive to look our best, even with the barest necessities.  But the one thing that we need to keep in mind is the condition of our skin.  I want to introduce you to Mineral Makeup and how to apply mink hair lashes.  Mineral makeup is appropriate for all ages and skin types, including sensitive skin, acne prone skin and rosacea.

mink hair lashes
mink hair lashes

Aefed Mineral makeup is made up with a variety of natural minerals found in the earth’s crust and is free of chemicals, alcohols, dyes and other preservatives.  These minerals are finely milled, pulverized, purified and coated with inorganic pigments before reaching the end consumers.  The coated pigments are for coloring and shimmering effects.  The most common minerals often used are titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, iron oxide and bismuth oxychloride.  Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide have anti-inflammatory properties and are the best UV blockers.  The mineral makeup provides an excellent sun protection and is potentially free from fragrance, preservatives and oils.  Mineral makeup will not clog pores, are water resistant and will not support bacterial growth.  Some of the mineral cosmetics also have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredients like vitamin A, C, E and K and green tea extract.  These provide a long lasting application without wearing off.

Use these guidelines for applying your makeup:

Use an eye concealer to smooth out the eye area.  Apply several dots of concealer under the eye area.  Using a sponge or your ring finger, tap it in (always tap, never rub) until it looks natural and not caked under your eye.

The Mineral Foundation feels weightless while it is minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  Its sheer, natural looking coverage lasts all day giving your face a flawless, radiant look.

Apply your foundation powder with a brush, lightly dipping it into the powder, then brush it lightly and gently over your entire face and neck.

Color Mineral Eye Shadow is long wearing, crease resistant and safe for sensitive eyes.  A trio eye shadow will give you the best advantage for highlighting, contouring, shading and lining to get the best eye defining effects.  Mineral products has vitamin C and E, with anti-aging ingredients that beautifies and age defies your skin.

Apply your lightest shade over the entire eye area, from mink hair lashes line to eye brow, to highlight the eye.  Apply with applicator the medium shade along the crease of the eye and blend with brush or Q-tip.

Brush the darkest shade close to the top and bottom of the mink hair lashes line as you can.  The dark shade adds dramatic color and depth to the eye.  Use an eyeliner brush or the tip of your applicator to apply.

Also you can use the medium or dark shadow to fill in your brows.  Apply with a brow brush using short, light strokes, starting at the beginning of the brow to the arch.  For the end of the brow, use longer, feather-like strokes.  Brush the entire brow to blend all strokes.

Apply your blush to the apple of your cheeks with an upward motion toward the hairline.  Blend with your makeup sponge to get a natural glow.

Mascara for thickening your mink hair lashes and giving the maximum length to your lashes.  Use a mascara of your choice to lengthen and beautify your eyes.  Apply two coats for the best results.

Natural Mineral Lip Color finishes up the overall makeover for the beautiful look.  Natural Mineral lipstick has hydrating ingredients that improves and soothes your lips while delivering superior color.

Apply lip color to the top lip, working from the center out.  Apply the lip color to the bottom lip, sweeping from one corner to the other.  You can use two coats for the desired look.

Mineral Makeup makes your skin look beautiful and radiant.  Its good for all skin types.  Easy as pie to apply.  You can use a brush to apply this whole makeup coverage, quick and easy.  Q-tips are your best friend.  You use the Q-tip to blend, remove, or lighten your makeup.

mink hair lashes
mink hair lashes

Mineral makeup is appropriate for all ages and skin types including sensitive skin, acne prone skin, and rosacea. Mineral makeup is free of chemicals, alcohols, dyes and other preservatives. Read up on The Latest Skin Care Products. Visit my Health and Beauty blog and read up on all the latest and greatest skin products, makeup tips and healthy living secrets!


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