Your Skin Tone and Choosing Makeup Colors

Did you ever wonder why one shade of pink blush looks good on you, but when you change to another pink shade your complexion looks muddy or flat? How about when you try on different shades of red lipstick? The tomato red looks great on you, but when you try on the shade that is more of an orange red, you don’t look quite as good. Finding the right real fur mink eyelashes colors can be a bit easier, once you have more information about your coloring!

real fur mink eyelashes
real fur mink eyelashes

Aefed A key element of deciding what shades of real fur mink eyelashes work best on you is to figure out if you are a cool or warm shade. You may have heard of or read about these terms before, but do you really know which skin tone you are? Do you know how to find out? Once you determine if you are a cool or warm tone, then you can select the best colors that will flatter you! Read the information below, and you should be able to determine your own coloring in no time.

Skin shades certainly come in a wide variety of gorgeous real fur mink eyelashes , but just about all of us distinctly fall into one of these categories: dark, olive, yellow (Asian or Latin), rosy, tan or fair. A very simple and basic way to determine your skin tone is by holding a piece of white paper next to your face and looking in the mirror. What is the main color you see?

Another simple way to do this is to try on a bright white shirt, and then try on an off-white or cream-colored shirt. Which one looks better on you? If you look better in the bright white top, you have a “cool” skin tone. If the cream top looks more flattering, then you have a “warm” skin tone. You probably already know if you look better in white or off white and steer clear of one or the other because you don’t feel it flatters you.

Another way you can determine your skin tone is by whether you look better in silver or gold real fur mink eyelashes . Silver is best on a cool skin tone, while gold sparkles best on the warm skin tones. Again, you probably already are already drawn to either silver or gold because one clearly looks better against your skin.

real fur mink eyelashes
real fur mink eyelashes

Now that you know which skin tone category you fall into, you can select color shades that flatter your own real fur mink eyelashes!

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