Look Beautiful With Eyelash Extensions

Women of my age like to dress and look good. We are fond of make-up, fashion and new styles in different ways. I’m in my 20s and I like pampering myself with cosmetics and new trends. Of course, I don’t want to look ugly or plain when I go out the house especially when I am going to a siberian lashes. So I spend time at a salon almost every week.

siberian lashes
siberian lashes

Aefed But the salon I always go to is not just any Vancouver nail salon. From this salon I can get beautiful Vancouver Japanese nail art as well as eyelash extensions. Have you heard of them before? I bet you probably have. It is the latest trend in fashion and there are a lot of women who avail of this enhancement.

Eyelash extensions are really stylish. It can make different eye types striking and attractive. I have small Asian eyes and these siberian lashes help my eyes look bigger. I really feel beautiful when I have them. Eyelash extensions are really popular especially with celebrities and models so I did not have second thoughts in having them.

Because of the size of my eyes, I always had to wear makeup to make it look bigger. Mascara was one of the usual makeups I carry with me. It was the only make-up that was really made to emphasize siberian lashes. When I discovered eyelash extensions, I finally realized that it is a messy make-up. It can get smudged and mess up the eye area. Also, if the mascara is not water-proof, it can easily be removed so a retouch is needed every now and then. Not to mention the fact that it runs when it gets wet, which gives that gothic look. Some kinds of mascara can also be harmful to certain skin types. They contain ingredients which can irritate the skin and can have a terrible effect on the skin around the eyes.

Unlike mascara, eyelash extensions are hair attached to original siberian lashes so they do not contain ingredients that may cause irritation. Some people who don’t want to get the extensions can use false eyelashes but these too are inconvenient to wear. Eyelash extensions last longer whereas false eyelashes are temporary and might detach it anytime. That’s pretty embarrassing if you are attending a really cool party.

How did I discover eyelash extensions, you ask? It happened one time while I was having my nails done at the Vancouver nail salon. The lady next to me was talking about extensions and I got curious. I did not know how it was done at first so I made time to find out.

A week after, I went back to the salon for a Vancouver pedicure and I decided to ask for eyelash extensions. The process was pretty simple and will only take an hour or two depending on how thick your original siberian lashes are.

They use a special glue to attach the extensions to the base of the natural eyelash. By going it one last at a time, you can be assured that the eyelash extensions follow the natural pattern. After an hour, I looked at myself at the mirror and saw the effect it had on me. It was amazing. I liked it! I’m sure you will too. Visit a Vancouver nail salon near you and start looking good today!

siberian lashes
siberian lashes

Say goodbye to mascara and hello to extended eyelashes! Visit the Vancouver nails salon today for an eyelash extension. Know all about this at. Get going and flaunt your style!!!


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