How to Use an Eyelash Curler

Using an eyelash curler can be quite scary for first time users, with fears of curling too little, too much, or pulling out your Silk lashes altogether. Curling eyelashes enhances your eyes and makes them seem a bit wider. If you already have thick eyelashes and you don’t need mascara, then using this little wonder tool is for you. But how do you use it? Here are a few steps to keep in mind before using the curler.

Silk lashes
Silk lashes

1.Aefed Wash your Silk lashes clean. This keeps your curler clean, and at the same time, helps to achieve that proper curl. Do not makeup your eyes until you have curled your eyelashes, because you might end up smudging the makeup.

Tip: There are some who would suggest that you put mascara on before using the curler, so that the Silk lashes will curve up easier. If you want to lengthen the life of your eyelash curler, don’t do this because the mascara chemicals will thin the curler cushion faster.

2. Face a mirror. This may sound a bit elementary, but for first time users and even for some veteran users, you have to check if you’ve got all your upper Silk lashes between the curler clamps. Of course you won’t see if it’s near the roots of your lashes, so trust your senses. And you would also need to look at the mirror to check if the curl on the left is the same with the one on the right.

3. Squeeze the gripper tightly. After situating the eyelash curler over the eyelashes of one eye, squeeze tightly without moving your hand away. If you do, you’ll end up plucking your lashes instead. You only need to squeeze the curler for five to eight seconds. Do the same for the other eye. If it’s not curled enough, repeat the process. And if you’re curious to know, you don’t need to curl your bottom Silk lashes.

Tip: Put the curler in front of the blow dryer for less than a minute to heat it up before using it. Like the concept of using a hair iron, heating up your eyelash curler can make your lashes curl up faster, and stay curled longer. But be careful – make sure to check how hot it is or you might end up burning your eyelid!

At first, using an eyelash curler may seem scary, but after a few uses, it will become second nature. Learning how to work with a curler is another step in eyelash care and will greatly help you in putting on your very best face.

Eventually the cushions on your curler will wear down, and you may consider buying a new one. Remember that it is possible to buy cushion replacements. Try different beauty shops and see if it cheaper and better than buying a new curler. Good luck!

Silk lashes
Silk lashes

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