Eyelash Extensions – To Wear It, Or Not To!

Who says high quality 3d silk lashes is just a fad and of no use? Importance of high quality 3d silk lashes process can be understood from the popularity it has already attained and is still earning. ‘Just a fad’ thing can’t have such huge crowd turning towards it. Instead, it has to be fab for everyone to feel attracted towards it. Also, eyelash extensions is a bit expensive and people won’t accept it without its usefulness.

high quality 3d silk lashes
high quality 3d silk lashes

Not everybody, but the ones with eyelashes of absurd size can really feel the use of high quality 3d silk lashes process. Actually, it is useful for all those who want to change their facial appearance or style. As the name suggests, it is a job related to your eyelashes where they are personalized according to your demands. Through the process, your eyelashes can get wider, longer and colourful. Wide range of colours varieties like red, blue, green, black and more are available in the beauty salons, offering ample number of choices to you.

The extension must be preferably done by professionals with good experience for attaching high quality 3d silk lashes one by one is a bit tiring job and needs someone who already knows the manner of doing it. Inexperienced personnel might get tired before finishing the process, further leading to a job done unwillingly. And work done with no interest is rarely accurate. So, the final output would be a set of unclean lashes showcasing over your eyes.

The extensions procedure is very comfortable against the popular belief of it being painful. So comfortable it is that clients tend to sleep during those few hours. It approximately takes a total of two hours for professionals to finish putting on the whole new set of lashes. Touch up appointments must be arranged every three to four weeks for longer life of the lashes.

However, the procedure needs to be redone by the experts every six to eight weeks. After this duration, bonding of the adhesive, used to attach new lashes to the already existing ones, weakens, ultimately leading to the detachment of lashes. Still, it mostly remains in tact for up to eight weeks, depending on the usage style. Long exposure to water and oil has damaging effect on the lashes. One is free to swim, sleep, cry or bathe wearing good quality high quality 3d silk lashes though.

Comparing the extensions and mascara, we find the former to be better for one doesn’t need to apply them again and again. The latter has to be applied whenever he or she is going out. Still, the expense factor keeps many of desiring clients distant from involving into the procedure and prefer mascara, which is cheap.

So, the decision is totally yours. There are a plenty of benefits in high quality 3d silk lashes, but the expense too is more.

high quality 3d silk lashes
high quality 3d silk lashes

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